Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rhinovirus and Rain

Feeling a bit better today, not really my old self but getting there. According to my DH I am a victim of the Rhinovirus, although I could not find puking the contents of your birthday cake in the symptoms.
Anyway, after a day and a half residing half awake in bed, I rolled out this morning took a shower and claimed the couch.
Nice, I was looking forward to this week of and now there is the Rhinovirus to take care of.

These are the pictures I took this week of our rainy weather, and look there is even snow on top of the hills. This one was taken while waiting in line for pickup at DS school.

And the rain from our living room window, gotta love the drops of rain against the window.
When the sun comes out between the showers we are treated to a nice rainbow, this one is taken from the driveway.

Forecast for tomorrow: more rain!! We need it.

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