Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekend update

Sorry, no pics of my own today, instead this pic from the Fail blog.
Saturday morning DH and DS went grocery shopping at 7 am (!) yep, and on the corner of the intersection just across the street from the fire station there was a drunk driver who happened to find a parking spot in the streetlight. He managed to drive the whole thing out of the ground.
Lucky for the driver he did only hurt himself, his car and the pole.

Sunday we decided that we had to rearrange some furniture, just moving things around involves cleaning on the spots said furniture sat. And while you're at it, just cleaning some more.
And why not do the bedding at the same time??

Next thing you know it is Monday again.
Did I mention it is February already? Time flies.......

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Anonymous said...

Ja valentijnsdag is al vlakbij en dan zijn we jarig (pfffff worden we weer een jaar ouder).

Groetjes Anita