Friday, March 27, 2009


Surgery is behind me, still not feeling very well, but better than the first two days.
Worst thing is waking up from the anesthesia, really, really not on my top list of fun things to do.
And the drive home afterwards was not that fun either, although most of it did not register on my brain. I was so happy to be in my own bed, and sleep of all the bad feelings, laying still is the best medicine if you want the world to stop spinning around you.
The next day was better, and today I even ventured out the guest bedroom to the living room and sat on the couch........... a whole new experience! Still dizzy, but getting a little better.

Megpie came over and visited today, she came armed with presents and get well wishes from my knitting friends, and with fries and coffee. You have no idea how good fries are when eating solid food is difficult, and you have been living of of pudding, yogurt and soup for a few days.

Last weekend I took this picture, a humming bird sitting at the very tippy top of a tree. Talk about balance! And it was even windy outside.

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Anonymous said...

Volhouden hoor meid, elke dag zal het iets beter gaan.

Een een vriendin die langskomt met cadeau's en lekkers is toch helemaal fantastisch.

Groetjes Anita