Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy week

It has been a crazy week, it started with me getting a sore throat, then fever, stayed home from work on Monday. Only to return to work on Tuesday not feeling very good, but as we all know we have to go on.
Busy at work, very busy, Wednesday even busier.
On Wednesday I still don't feel that well, it is not getting any better, and to top it of I wake up at two with a terrible ear ache. I know immediately, ear infection. I never get an ear infection, not even as a kid, but now I can tell you they HURT.
I thought of our son, who had three in his lifetime and poor kid, he has been in some serious pain!!
This morning I called to make a doctor app. and got it confirmed, my ear is infected and got a heavy dose of antibiotics. Hopefully it is gone in time for surgery otherwise we have to reschedule.
It still hurts and the beep in my ear is louder than ever.
Tomorrow it is Friday again, I do hope I am feeling better.

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