Monday, March 23, 2009

Socks and ears

Yesterday I finished of another pair of socks, the pattern is called Rivendell.
The minute they were done, I had DS take a picture of me wearing them. DH was on the prowl for another pair and he snagged them even before I could think of a decent hiding place.
What is it with my men and hand knitted socks?? It seems there is no way they can be knitted up fast enough. DS is picky about color and pattern, DH is absolutely not, he does not care this one has a lace flower in the cuff, nor that there are several pink, orange, red and yellow pair in his (our) wardrobe. And look, over the weekend another bunny "hopped" into our livingroom. I can't wait for easter so we can dress up the easter breakfast table with Bunny-egg-cozies (lol)

Tomorrow the big day, finally I am going in for surgery on my ear, hopefully in a few weeks my hearing in my left ear will be restored and we can give the speakers from the TV a rest.
And I can stop repeating to people what I "think" they said, or maybe not...............
It has become really bothersome, trying to hear what people say to you, asking if they can repeat it for you. Not being able to participate in conversations simply because I don't know what everybody is telling.
Only using one ear bud from your Ipod, the other one just "dangling" or in my ear just because there are two.
By the way, why do they have to make those "buds" so big??? They don't fit, and fall out with every move. Don't these pod people know there are also people with small ears???


anita said...

Wat een lieve haasjes zeg.

In ieder geval heel veel succes vandaag.
Hopelijk heb je niet te veel last van de narcose en ook weinig pijn en kun je snel weer goed horen met die oren van je.
Want die tv van jullie heeft echt rust verdient (hihihihi)

Dikke kus Anita

Anonymous said...


ik hoorde van je ouders dat je bent geopereerd ik wil je beterschap wensen.

groetjes Wiets

Anonymous said...

hoi dorien,

zou heel graag weer met je in contact komen maar ik weet alleen niet hoe???
ik heb begrepen dat je geen telefoon meer hebt!!!!
ons telefoonnummer is nog steeds hetzelfde en mijn e-mail adres is
mijn voorletter met mijn (getrouwde)achternaam aan elkaar in kleine letters

ik hoop snel iets van je te horen

liefs Wietsina