Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yes, it is Spring, how do I know?? The people on the news told me on Friday morning it is official, but the garden already gave it away. Look, we have blossoms on our tree. Lovely! Of course this asks for some spring time knitting, in the form of Easter bunny egg cozy. The pattern is from here.
The picture doesn't do it justice, I'll take another one once I've knitted another cozy to keep it company.
And to keep knitting in happy spring colors, here is something I've been working on, can't say what it is yet, it is a surprise for somebody reading this blog.
Only one thing to say, IT BETTER BE A GIRL!!!


Anonymous said...


wat een leuke paashaas,
hoe is het daar aan de overkant van de oceaan??
vandaag is het dan zover onze zoon is alweer 1 jaar.

groetjes wietsina

Meadowood Designs said...

Very pretty, I would put that on a boy. My Heir Apparent is a "spring", he looks great in those colors.