Monday, March 02, 2009

The world of apps

Since I have my trusty Ipod touch we are inseparable, pod and I
Mostly it is used to listen to podcasts and music. Although the minute I put the bud in my ear. Yes, you are reading this right, I am deaf in one ear, so I only have to use one bud, this will be changed into the very near future. Surgery date has been set.
Back to my pod, one of the fun things to do is check out all the apps that are available for this thing. From the very, very addicting game, to the fun things like the whoopie-cushion.
But then there is this one, just what I need, a stitchcounter, and get this, for multiple projects!!
Perfect for the cast-on-another-project-addict like me.

Look 4 projects already, for this pair of socks I have to keep track of 4 different charts, one with only 4 repeats, one with 12 repeats, one with 6 and a center one with no repeat but goes up to 160 or some rows.
I click and keep on knitting, no need to keep counting in my head, or make pencil marks at every round.
And it works like a charm, you set the counter, name your project and set the number of rows in your repeat, and I'm of.
Look I am slowly making progress on my Zum Dirndls, these knee highs are a whole project on itself, knitting them two at at time, chart by chart, so I won't get second sock syndrome!!

And to add to all the patterns the new Twist Collective came out. And oh, the cute baby stuff in there!! For the pending little one for my sister.

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