Friday, April 03, 2009

Feeling better

Finally I feel a bit better, after being couped up at home for about a week and a half, I went to the doctors office on Thursday and he gave the OK for me to go back to work on Monday.
But for at least another month (until I have to go back for another check-up) I am not allowed to lift heavy things, bent over, run, do exercise etc.
The car ride over to the hospital was still a roller coaster ride, and every once in a while I am still dizzy. DH doesn't think it is safe for me to drive yet, so I am still stuck.
Lucky for me I have a companion when alone. He is a real talker and is oh, so happy to be with me out of his cage. His favorite spot is the chair, or right next to me on the table. I know this is not the sharpest of pictures, but here he is. Of course I did some light knitting over the past few days and made this Bunny. He is ready for Spring with his sporty hoody. He has no name yet, waiting for DS to come up with a name.

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