Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everybody!! We had a wonderful day, we spend our morning at home, just doing fun things like sleeping in (me) and playing computer games together (husband and son).
In the afternoon we drove over to friends and searched for eggs, watched the kids whack the pinata, always a crowd pleaser and very, very fun. We enjoyed very good food and company and of course there was the raw-egg-toss. The boys ended up in third place and with no raw egg on their clothing (pheeew).

Talking about eggs, there was this science project that came home on Thursday, the egg with the dissolved scale. After sitting in the kitchen for two days, it was time for the thing (doesn't it look disgusting?) to go.
Of course we had to see how it would hold up if touched and how it would splat in the ground.
So here it goes: Yuk, I don't like raw eggs, ever since as a child I saw one of our family friends eat a raw egg, she loved them and ate it as a snack, I gagged and have to shudder. I am all for any gross-out science project. But eggs........

Outside is fine, and with the garden hose the smelly thing was quickly washed away. Notice the shoelaces, they were wet when the whole deal was done, and I for one don't want to tie these shoes, thinking of where those laces have been.
Talk about jinxing it, I knitted a pair (they are done) of pink baby socks. could not resist, this ball of yarn was sitting in my stash and was calling me.

They are so cute, but I do know that "real boys wear pink" so my little sis is getting them anyway. Only 20 more weeks or so to go, and then we will know.

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