Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moss Landing

We got up early today, the boys did the groceries and were back by 7.45 AM.
Our plan, to be at the Moss Landing Marine Labs at nine for their open house. The fog already lifted when we came (or maybe there was no fog at all last night).
We dove into all the exhibits and hands on experiments, and it was the most fun outing we had in a while. For the boys and me, it was even better that the aquarium. We learned a lot about all kinds of different things and got to ask a lot of questions (and discussions). We touched Baleen from different kind of whales, had a look at dead fish, a lot of dead stinky fish, not really my department. I do prefer them alive.
We learned about sediment, tracking all kinds of animals, using robots under water, Oceanography lots and lots more. It was REALY interesting!!

And we got to touch all kinds of different (alive) sea animals, like this predator, he is "squishy" and a pretty color.
A little Umbrella crab,

DS, trying to guess the age of a piece of coral by counting the rings of a piece through a microscope. According to him 85 years.

And he was lucky we where so early, he got to drive the SCINI ROV (remotely operated Vehicle under the sea ice) First he got to practice while in front of the tank, then they moved him and his little remote inside in front of the screen. A whole other ball game, he did very well but did say it was "very hard". He had to find different objects they placed on the bottom.

His face is so focused on this pic, love it!!

And how pretty is this little guy??? The colors just amaze me.

another starfish, this one was very fast with all his little feet, while we were talking and touching all the different animals he did several rounds in the basin.

A sea cucumber feels just like an inflated water balloon, and anemones feel "sticky" like Velcro.
and believe me this shriveled shark head is real. brrrrrrrrrrrr

We also had a nice lunch there, and by the time we where home it was one. I dropped of the boys and went out to Megpie, for a little visit.
A wonderful Saturday, and tonight fish taco's for the boys, and a Harry Potter movie to watch.

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anita said...

Zo te horen hebben jullie een gezellig weekend gehad.
Wij ook hoor wij zijn vliegtuigen wezen kijken op teuge

Groetjes Anita