Saturday, April 11, 2009


It was a nice spring day today, sunny and partly cloudy, warmer outside than inside our house.
We ventured out this morning, the boys wanted to go bowling. I decided I had enough sitting at home and risked the "vomit comet" drive to MH. It is getting better, my dizziness is slowly fading away. I sat and cheered the boys on while they bowled. Afterwards we where hungry, and went to that chicken place. We had not been there in a very, very looooooong time. Their fries are the best! Here is our DS, enjoying a "snacker".

The workweek was short, only four days. It did not go so well, I felt really dizzy some times and as a result got very bad headache and my ear started to hurt. Every day once home I had to lay down in order to feel better.
Hopefully with this week off it will go much better, I have so much to do at work, it is not even funny anymore, plus testing starts in two weeks!!

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