Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost Friday

This week is just crazy and flies by, did not even had time to knit on my Monkeys. A late meeting on Tuesday and the ELAC Ceremony on Wednesday night kept me at work even when I came home there was something to do for school. Spend my time this evening weeding through all the photographs that I took over the year so there can be a slide show made for the end of the school year.

Found a great app. for my ipod that makes pictures into kaleidoscopes, so here is one of my pictures totally different. Always had a weak for Kaleidoscopes so this is totally cool. It can entertain me for hours.
Oh, and if somebody has a little bit more time on his/her hands than I do these days, here is a suggestion, make a dress out of your old phone books. Always good for recycling, unique and this way you always have the phone numbers ready.
It came from this website, one of my favorites.

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