Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Another week has passed, I swear this time of the year, right at the end of the school year my days at work are CRAZY. But I have to admit it is kind of fun, we have the Rod Trod coming on next Friday, and then there is the Ceremony for all the English learners the week after. And with only four more weeks until Summer vacation the kids are all over the place.

This weekend it was really really hot outside, so I kept the chores to a minimum and did those Saturday morning. I did do some knitting when it was cooling down in the early evening while still light outside. And I can hear my knitting friends screaming right now that I don't need a light while knitting with this yarn. Believe me the picture does this color no justice. It is screaming highlighter yellow, as yellow as a yellow can possibly be.
And I like it!!! The pattern is called "Twisted Flower".

Look our yard needs some extra watering in some spots, don't know if it will help but DH thinks water is going to do the trick, we both think it needs fertilizer, but it was too hot to go to the hardware store to get some (read, we were to lazy)

And with the open house of DS next week, there was one more science project to tackle last week. His choice "what fabric burns the quickest or what NOT to wear".
Of course DH was happy to set fire on the different samples provided from my stash and with the silk sample coming from a class mates mother. (THANK YOU) and all the findings where documented and put on a board for display. His conclusion was that you don't want to be caught in a fire storm wearing a cotton top (will go up in flames) and nylon pants (will melt and stick to your skin). Good thing his mother knits those nice woolen things for him.
Best thing of all, doing the happy dance with my hands in the air, this was his last project!!! oh, yeah, oh yeah. Hopefully Middle school will be all about NO projects (hey, a girl can dream) because NO projects stands for NO DRAMA!!!

This afternoon there was swimming done in the neighbours pool, and for me some knitting on my lace project. Tomorrow morning it is back to school!!

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anita said...

veticuteren is het antwoord op je gras vraag.

En ik wil ook wel dingen in de fik steken veels te leuk.

Groetjes Anita