Thursday, May 21, 2009

No "nupps" about it.

Look another FO, this one was a fairly easy and quick knit, the pattern was easy to memorize. the only thing that took some time was adding the beads but I figured better put the beads in there than the "nupps" or as DH calls them "knitted nipples".
Better not risk wearing a scarf that has more than a hundred "nipples" on it.
The yarn used is the Ultra Alpaca fine, lovely to knit with a great soft feel to it. But only having one skein, I ran out at 21 repeats and the pattern asks for 32, still it is a nice size and I know the perfect person to gift it to.

Tomorrow a busy day, we are having the Rod Trod at our school, a yearly walking/fundraising event where the kids walk around the field and for every mile walked they get a ticket to spend at the carnival stands put up on the blacktop. And there are prices for the most laps walked by every grade level. And of course (healthy) snacks can be bought, families are welcome. It is just one big party for them.
Very tiring for me, with the tittle "paparazzi", on days like these it takes me a few days to recover. (RA really sucks) but it is a three day weekend!!
And on Saturday the "monkey" KAL starts with a "kickoff" at Megpie's. Now I have to take my camera and record all the different methods and yarns and, and, and.
Looking forward to that, a nice way to relax with friends after being so busy at work.
On Tuesday the madness starts again to prepare for the ELAC awards held on Wednesday.
Ohhhhhhh, happy weekend, how I look soooooooooooo forward to you!

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