Sunday, May 31, 2009


While cleaning my craft area this Saturday, I came across the drawer of beading supplies. Ooooh, shiny, and after finishing my cleaning chores there was nothing that could stop me to play with shiny tiny beads. Little bead roses in different colors, so cute. And on one I added a band and turned it into a fashionable ring.
The weekend came and went again, gone before you know it. Saturday afternoon DS announced he had a headache and plopped on the couch, ten minutes later he started feeling "not really that good" and before we knew it we were steam vacuuming our couch and floor, cleaning bathrooms (not once but several times) and doing loads of laundry. Needles to say he was sick.
Today he was feeling a bit better, but was very weary of eating anything.
Lucky for him he has the day of tomorrow because it is "teacher record keeping day".
Two more weeks, and then I can sleep in for a few weeks!!

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