Sunday, May 24, 2009


Friday was the day, our whole school went running and walking. We ran/walked rounds in the field, every round counted by bracelets wrapped around our ankles. There were blue mats placed at the beginning of the round and while stepping on them you where greeted with a happy "beep", sign that another round was completed.
The weather was perfect, nice and cool in the morning with an overcast and after an hour the sun came out.
The best thing was that all the kids got a healthy dose of exercise, and having fun at the same time.

Besides the walking there was face painting, rubber duck toss, wheel of fortune etc. and don't forget the typical food that goes with this event.

And afterwards, this was the sight, the place was empty, the food all gone and the kids went home, hopefully nice and tired.
My rest of the afternoon was filled with doing the groceries needed from Costco and some clothes shopping for DS ( he keeps on growing and growing).
The boys opted out of the shopping and went to the theater for the new Terminator movie (really not my "cup-of-tea).
Saturday was "Monkey" day, the start of our KAL (knit-a-long) everyone started the same sock, only different ways of knitting, there was toe-up and cuff-down, purl and no-purl and one or two at a time all in different combinations. Can't wait to see all those finished socks!!
I am knitting them two at a time cuff down, and am three pattern repeats in.
Pictures to follow soon.
For now I have to start dinner, steaks tonight!!!
Tomorrow another day off from work, Memorial day, anybody care to join me to watch the parade???? boys don't want to go..............
I loooooooooove parades!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nou tante dorien als er in die parade, muziek, auto's en paarden zijn dan wil ik wel mee hoor.

En wat betreft een vogel, tja als ik nu een parkietje wilde maar die wil ik niet, ik wil een zeearend, of een valk, of een uil of een gier en dat mag niet van mama en papa.

Groetjes Kylian