Saturday, May 09, 2009

A whole lot of busy

It has been one busy week, the testing went on and on, and there was an h1n1 virus scare last Friday at DS school and they closed down the school just for one day, to test a number of students. Luckily it was just a severe case of the sniffles and the school opened again on Monday.
Never a dull day in both schools DS and mine. It was also Teacher appreciation week, and I have been spoiled rotten with presents, flowers and loads of food the whole week. Yesterday we even had caterers come in to prepare us lunch courtesy of the Parent club. We are so lucky at the school where I work to have such an active and nice Parent club.

The result of the busy last two weeks is that I did not do that much of knitting, today I finally finished my Kai-Mei socks. Added a lace panel up the leg so the lace does not all hide in my shoes.

I really like them and after the pictures taken by DS they went into hiding! ready to come out when I want to wear them :-)
We were also running low on cards, so I sat down and made a batch.

Oh, and three pair of baby socks were knit and one pair was given away to our school nurse who is becoming a grandmother for the second time this fall. There is already another pair in the making. I love knitting these little ones, perfect for leftover sockyarn and supercute!!

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Anonymous said...

Leuk hoor die ini mini sokjes, en natuurlijk roze.

Past goed bij het shirt dat ik voor moederdag heb gekregen en ook de knuffelkoe is zwart/wit/roze/rood gevlekt.

Groetjes Anita