Sunday, June 28, 2009

Backyard adventures

It is HOT outside, and while we have no shade (our umbrella broke) the only chance I get to sit outside in the shade and when it is still cool is early in the morning. My favorite time (while not at work) of the day. I just sit and knit and listen to a podcast or two, this one makes me laugh without fail every week.
And while outside, there are lots of critters to watch too. But if you bring your camera outside to "shoot" some, they are all in hiding. Except the Hummingbirds, they know they are to quick for me to photograph.

And this nice fellow who could not crawl away quick enough.

Soon it will be Monday again, a new week, hopefully a little cooler and a little more to watch on TV than a million tributes to MJ every night. And we are debating what movie to go see in the theater, UP (me and DS), Transformers (DS and DH), The proposal (me) or Hangover (all three of us, but it is a R rated movie)
guess we have to split up or someone has to give in or stay home (think who that will be??)

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