Monday, June 15, 2009

a lovely afternoon

After spending the morning at the doctors office for some check ups and blood work done for my visit at the Rheumatologist on Friday, I decided that an afternoon knitting was in order. The weather was nice, not much sun, it was overcast but the temperature was wonderful and there was almost no wind.
Making nice progress on the Necco Wafer Hoodie for my "yet to be born niece".
I also am determent to finish the Monkey socks tomorrow, one more pattern repeat and the toes to go and then DS has a new pair of socks. Yes, he has claimed these, they are blue! and anything blue is his he said. What is a mom to do??? I can't say no and not provide him with socks.

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anita said...

Tja zit maar 1 ding op een kleur kiezen die ds niet mooi vind (hihihihihi).

Groetjes Anita