Monday, June 22, 2009

It is Monday

Monday, again, already the second Monday of our Summer break. This is going way to fast. Had to go into work for a little bit today, just for some finishing up. Afterwards I drove over to the store and get DH a new tire for his bicycle. Once home I made lunch while DH and DS changed the flat.

They where done even before I could make the sandwiches, fully expecting them to wrestle with the tire for a longer time. Remembering the times we had to change tires and not to mention fixing a leak. It would take hours, soapy water, two of those tire things to lift the tire, get the inner tube out. Putting the tire back on, calling in help because we could not hold it by ourselves.
Ahhh, the memories. Pedaling to school rain or shine, always prepared for a big rainstorm with our rain gear strapped on the seat, underneath my schoolbag. Two plastic bags at hand for my feet so you would not end up sitting in the classroom with wet feet all day.

Meanwhile after the hoodie, of course I had to cast on something else, baby stuff is so much fun to knit. Here is another one, very quick and so teeny for a 0-3 month old. All I can say it is very CUTE!!

The pattern is called Autumn leaves. Only thing I did was add the short sleeves, the original pattern had no sleeves, maybe the next one will be without the sleeves to be worn over a long sleeved t-shirt or onesie.

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carey said...

i saw your sweater on ravelry and i am in love. it is so cute! i love the way you added the sleeves, and your color choice is fantastic. :)