Friday, June 12, 2009


Our boy promoted today, his very last day of 5th grade and Elementary school. We watched the ceremony, and of course I am a big sap, and a few tears were shed when some of the kids gave speeches. The kids all sang beautifully and it I even got a little smile when DS glanced back to see if his mother was behaving. Then it was time for the Certificates and the shaking of the hands.
And the one thing the kids are wanting to do the minute they start kindergarten, the ringing of the old bell that stands in front of the office. It is a big tradition and liked by everybody. Imagine how many kids this bell has seen pass by in all the years it has been out there.
This has been a special school for us and we will miss the teachers and the grounds. It stands in the country, out of City limits and I will miss the Chickens walking in the streets when I drop DS off in the morning. Not to mention the goats that roam across the street (how come they are a bit on the "heavy side?)

Luckily most of his friends will go to the same middle school, so we don't have to miss them.

After the Ceremony I went back to "my" school, there also where the goodbye's of the fifth graders.
When all the kids left, some of us wandered over to a first grade party hosted by one of the parents. The little ones enjoy it soooooo much when we show up and party (read bounce in the bounce house) with them.
For now, it is Summer break, the first thing I did when I came home today??? take a nice Nap!!

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anita said...

OOOOOOOOOH wat gaat de tijd toch snel, snif snif waar is mijn kleine neefje toch gebleven.

Groetje sAnita