Friday, June 19, 2009

So close...

So close and yet so far, I got my growth on my finger removed today. And as a result I can not knit, and it was almost finished, almost! If I only had not complained yesterday that knitting I cord is soooooo booooooring, it would be done. Now this little baby sweater has to wait a few days. Look see the arrows, that is the only missing cord part there was to do.

My knee highs are also on hold, not that they were finished, long legs are a pain to knit for, plus I want the color to change, still waiting for the yellow and white and aqua, this is such an entertaining knit, can-not-put-it-down!! Hate that I can't knit (soooooooooooooo bored, can not do much and typing one handed is taking a long time too)

Yesterday afternoon DS and I decided to color some yarn again with Kool Aid. We soaked the yarn for about 15 minutes, squeezed the water out and dunked it in this, 4 packets of orange and a half cherry.
Look how pretty,

After microwaving, cooling and microwaving again, I thought it needed some more COLOR so did the coloring over with one packet of strawberry and the other half of cherry

Nuked it again, and voila, a nice Orange!! The other skein is colored with 5 packets of black Cherry Kool Aid.

Love the results, now the question is are these going to be socks or something else???
(note to self, have to experiment more with coloring, it is fun)

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anita said...

Leuk of je garen eerst een beetje in elkaar draaien en dan in kleurtje nr 1 kleuren.
En daarna in een andere kleur als je het op een andere manier in elkaar gedraait hebt.

Groetjes Anita