Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Tiger is back

The last week before summer break. Five more days of crazy children who are looking forward to their summer and don't really want to go to school anymore. And to top it of on Friday our DS is having his last day at Elementary school. No more "little kid", he is moving on to Middle school. It makes me feel very, very old. Were are the days that he was walking next to me, his hand in mine, to his classroom, eager to meet his new first grade teacher? Or the hugs I got when school got out and I waited in front of his school??
The hug went away in Third grade deemed "to childish", and the kiss goodbye in the morning became a wave followed by a "bye Mom".
Now he is moving on to his next school, new friends, new classes, more homework!!
Even more worries for me, he is getting a teenager!!
But before that new period starts in our lives, there is a summer break, I know it will go fast, but I just love it when he is home, playing with his friends, going swimming, doing the occasional road trip.
And look, every day when I go outside in the morning to knit and drink my morning coffee, I do have a little companion, the black and white tiger.
She comes over and after petting her for a bit she settles in and just sits there watching me. When I go inside, she goes on home.
Only Saturday, there was a party at her house, and she came over for some peace and quiet time.

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anita said...

Tja ik ga nog maar even genieten van de knuffels en kusjes, het handje vasthouden enz enz want het is zo over.

Groetje SAnita