Sunday, June 21, 2009


Somebody in our family got something new yesterday, he grows to fast and had outgrown his old set of wheels. To cut a long story short, DS got new wheels. Fancy ones with gears, he was somewhat resistant to switch gears at first. That lasted about two minutes and he was already a pro. Bad news, DH discovered his bike has a flat, darn, damper on the early morning outing. But with some work it was resolved and there they went, of to adventures.

Of course a shiny new helmet had to accompany the bike, but you have to wear your beany at all cost even at summertime. What reminds me I have to knit him a bigger one, he grows to fast.

And look a little hoodie is finished, my finger is still a bit sore, but really only when touched. So glad my cyst is gone, it feels so much better picking things up and you don't feel it anymore.
Of course I had to start another little cute cardigan yesterday, finished it up today and it is drying from blocking now. Pictures tomorrow. Baby girl knitting is so much fun, lucky for me we have a friend here who is expecting a baby girl the end of October so I can knit more, Yay!!!

DH is on a fancy dinner tonight, of all things he had to go here.
Who knew, we would be connected to my hometown in this way??

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