Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered why it is that if one does groceries, the line you are standing in is always the slowest one? Happens to me every-single-time.
Same with going to get gas for the car, always pick the wrong line, I swear next time we buy a car I want one with the gas tank opening on the other side.
It came to me when I took this picture of an old gas station the other day, we need cars with two openings for getting gas, one on each side!! So you can pick and choose.

On another note, my little nephew turns 3 in a few weeks, of course I am going to send him a card. (present to follow in a nice box) And what better card to send than one with sound in it.
I hope this one lasts as long as the other one did. He will love it, the sound of revving engines, non-stop. I only hope his parent will enjoy the sound too!!
And there will be a little niece in a few weeks too, I can't tell how nice it is to go to a store and look at little girl things, being surrounded by boys every single day.
There is pink yarn in the line up for another knit, I can't wait to cast on and knit another frilly pink thing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

a lotta beads.

There is this project that needs counting, a project that can only be done while alone. So I grab my counter (the stitch counter app for the ipod), coffee, and said project and sit outside with only the birds to talk to me. Oh, and every once in a while the black and white tiger wanders over, sits on my lap and purrs happily.

The shawl grew and grew, and got heavier and heavier with beads. Yesterday finally the shawl was done, and this morning it was soaked and blocked. It took me three months, 1602 beads (every single one hooked on, with a tiny crochet hook) and 880 yards of lace weight yarn on 3.25 mm needles.

Now I can say it is DONE!! And I love it, it is a very nice size. It screams nice dress, high heels, and party (keep on dreamn')
DS is more realistic, while he had to hold it up in order for me to try to take some pictures he commented that this was surely not intended to keep a person warm.

My helper was also critical about the amount of time I spend on knitting this.
"Imagine how many pairs of socks you could have knitted for me in that time".
There is still no picture of the whole shawl, my helper was in a hurry.
I dyed up some more lace weight yarn for my new "don't bother me" project.
Notes on that one to follow, but all I can say it is a pretty pinkish kind of a color.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


When we drove of with destination "Stanford", we surprised DS with a visit to one of his favorite "eats".
He likes Baja Fresh, and we don't have one in Garlic town. But if you take a little detour, of the path to Stanford, there just of Highway 280 on Stevens Creek is one. After a careful study of the Menu we all got something good.
For DS it was the steak taco's with rice and black beans, with Medium spicy salsa, and some chips of course. Where did the days go that he could not clean off his plate???
We are so thankful that we have a kid who loves all kinds of food. Vegetables, no problem, he even prefers dishes that come with veggies. A bit spicy? no problem either. And the older he gets we can even see his palette changes and he begins to order of the "adult" menu, instead of the kids. More than one time he has surprised a waiter with the request for "more salad or can I have some grilled bell pepper with that?"

After our bellies were full, we drove to one of our favorite places.

Or otherwise known as "the place with the bookstore". DH again was on the hunt for books with formulas. And book worms as we are, the three of us are happy strolling along rows and rows of books.

Walking around on the campus is always a treat, taking pictures, sitting in the shade watching the people go by.

And going to the top of Hoover tower.

It was nice and cool on top, and lots to see too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

a few more

A few more images from yesterday. Just because I can't stop taking pictures when I am going somewhere.

Today was another very hot day, we stayed out of the sun and heat, sunburns and sun don't go together very well you know.
Knitted on my shawl, a row takes about half an hour right now, and the end is in sight. Only about 37 more rows (you do the math how long that is going to take, given that the stitches keep growing every other row)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

40 Years ago

To celebrate that 40 years ago mankind stepped on the moon for the first time, NASA AMES had "Moon Fest".
Of course anything that has to do with space is a hit with my men we went and celebrated. DS invited his best friend, we picked him up this morning and drove out to Moffet Field.

You can see this Hangar from the highway, but can never come up close, we always wanted to.
Today we did, and this thing is HUGE.

Look the boys are walking around it to check it out.

DH went to listen to the first speaker, and because the boys thought that was "really boooooring" we went and checked out the rockets.

And although it was really hot out there on the airstrip, the boys found this "really cool", and I think the word "Epic" was used too. We watched the rockets go really high, loose sight, then see them float down on their parachutes. The smaller ones we could follow all the way.

The boys checked out an airplane from the NAVY, together with lots of other people looking for some shade.

By that time DH was done and joined us at the lawn, where the boys joined in the activities, and we wandered around all the amazing stands with too much information about space to handle in one day.

Sweaty, tired and very thirsty we piled back in the car, drove home, had big cool glasses of lemonade and compared our arms and necks for the sunburns (I won, sadly, as usual)
And what are the boys doing now?? watching Meteor, the miniseries!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Again a very hot day today, luckily it cools down a bit at night. But still I can't sleep.
I hate that, fall asleep and then an hour later wide awake again, when the birds begin to chirp and the sun comes up then finally the sleep comes.

Went swimming this afternoon, a very nice way to cool off!! And some much needed exercise.

Also spend the morning sewing on buttons on this cardigan (it is the Helena pattern from Knitty)

And sewing on the lace portion, crocheting the borders and finishing off with cute buttons on the Baby Surprise Jacket

The yarn is very soft and it is cotton, so it can be washed in the machine.
There has to be some more baby knitting done, I am in love with those little projects that are done in no time.
But after three cardigans and a sweater, what else should could there be knitted???

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kevin Skinner, 35 * Unemployed Farmer * America's Got Talent 2009 Ep3 [HD]

This one gets my vote, Kevin Skinner!!

Kari Callin America's Got Talent 2009

Love this girl but it is a toss-up with the Chicken Catcher, love him too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunflowers anyone??

This is what we pass about every day, a field of sunflowers. They are very pretty and make me smile.
Today we stopped and got out of the car to take some pictures. I just had to before they are gone. And there were plenty of bees too.
And right next to it, a field of orange flowers.

The colors and the flowers make me think of fall, I love the fall, the weather is really nice in the fall. Not too hot and not too cold, and it has Halloween and Thanksgiving.
But for now, we still enjoy the days of summer, with swimming and free days!!


We celebrated a birthday today, the one from DH. Of course one has to celebrate with food.
And DS always takes advantage of this and had his usual, a Hamburger with all the trimmings, leave the cheese please!!

Where are the days of the kids menu?? Like any other kid he started out his "going out for food days" with sharing from our plate, sitting in the highchair and eyeing what the neighboring booth has on their plate. Then it went on to sitting next to us with a booster seat and a kids menu with a take-home-box for the not finished burger.
Before you know it the booster seat and the whole burger are gone, and now, he is to old for the kid's menu and orders of the regular menu.
And finishes of his whole plate without gaining an ounce! (jealous about that part)

While ordering he asks the waitress if she makes sure he has plenty of lettuce, pickles and tomatoes and unions on his burger. He is one kid that really loves his veggies.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Never too old

We have been busy hosting some of DS friends, b-day parties and the usual chores.
The summer is going by way too fast.
Before we know it, we have to go back to school/work.

And of course before school starts I need to make some play food for my office, one is never too old to play with food! Besides it looks cute on my desk. They even look ready to eat next to my "real" cup of coffee.
I want to knit more because they are so cute! and addicting, and not fattening at all!!
Of course the men in this household think I am totally out of my mind to knit these, they want socks.

Besides cupcakes there are petite fours in the making.

And another baby knit is finished, it now has sleeves. Only thing missing are the buttons. I can't find any buttons that fit in my collection so it has to wait until I can drive down to MH and buy some.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Evian Roller Babies US

now here is a commercial I really like!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cleaning and Organizing

The last week was filled with cleaning and organizing our walk in closets. We had boxes and bins full of stuff that was moved from the NL and through the different houses here and never unpacked or looked in. And then there is all kinds of other "stuff" one doesn't need but safes just because you think that maybe one day you could use it again. It just sits there for years and gathers dust.
So we opened all the boxes and went "treasure hunting down memory lane".
It took a few days but the closets are de-cluttered, there is actually room to walk now, and loads of old clothing and kids clothing went to Charity.

We celebrated the fourth with of course some of this, on the BBQ

And lots of this, with lots of friends, of course the fireworks where the highlight of the day. (especially for the boys, big and small)

The grey (say with a boring voice) socks were done in record time, four days and not even non-stop knitting. They are already worn and fit perfect.
On to the next pair, no pics yet because this is going to be a pair of socks of my own design, no pattern just using my brain (!)
And to top this post off, I give you DS with a collection of my childhood glasses. One of the treasures we found in the boxes. Of course he had to show them all at once.
He wears them in order of age, the last one I owned when I was about 17 or 18 years old.
The first one I think I might have been 6 or 7, so in a time span of 11 years there were three pair of glasses. Go figure!!
The first pair I got when I was age 2, did not fit DS.

If only I had in my possession the albums full of childhood pictures of me than I could match the glasses with age.
When the glasses emerged from the box they where housed in all that time and DS got a hold of them his comment was "geez, and they actually let you out of the house with THOSE on your nose?"

Friday, July 03, 2009

Stripey legs

Done!! a few days behind schedule, just because my body decided to throw me a curve ball and gave me a nice cold. I have sneezed more in one week than for a whole year, sniffled trough more than enough tissues and spend a day and a half in bed just sleeping. Not to mention the thing I hate most, the sore throat followed by the dreaded cough.

So yesterday afternoon there were only a few more rows to knit on my knee highs and just before the knitting gang met up they were done!
That way I could start a new baby knitting project. Something red and very cute.

This morning it was grocery time, and because of the 4th weekend the whole town had to do groceries at the same time. No need for me to go into another rant about other peoples shopping habits, they don't hear me anyway.
Once back home there were more chores and then finally time to knit, DH announced he needs a pair of socks he can wear with a suit. He hates the store bought ones that we have for "suit-occasions" , so after some searching in the sock yarn bin, I came up with the "Gray" (pronounced in a really boring voice)
So armed with needles and "Gray" (boring voice again) yarn and with the help of Ravelry a simple pattern was found and the knitting was started. The feel of the yarn is lovely because it is Alpaca.
Tomorrow we celebrate that 233 years ago that the Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence.
We have fireworks to set off and some bbq-ing to do!