Sunday, July 19, 2009

40 Years ago

To celebrate that 40 years ago mankind stepped on the moon for the first time, NASA AMES had "Moon Fest".
Of course anything that has to do with space is a hit with my men we went and celebrated. DS invited his best friend, we picked him up this morning and drove out to Moffet Field.

You can see this Hangar from the highway, but can never come up close, we always wanted to.
Today we did, and this thing is HUGE.

Look the boys are walking around it to check it out.

DH went to listen to the first speaker, and because the boys thought that was "really boooooring" we went and checked out the rockets.

And although it was really hot out there on the airstrip, the boys found this "really cool", and I think the word "Epic" was used too. We watched the rockets go really high, loose sight, then see them float down on their parachutes. The smaller ones we could follow all the way.

The boys checked out an airplane from the NAVY, together with lots of other people looking for some shade.

By that time DH was done and joined us at the lawn, where the boys joined in the activities, and we wandered around all the amazing stands with too much information about space to handle in one day.

Sweaty, tired and very thirsty we piled back in the car, drove home, had big cool glasses of lemonade and compared our arms and necks for the sunburns (I won, sadly, as usual)
And what are the boys doing now?? watching Meteor, the miniseries!!

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