Thursday, July 16, 2009


We celebrated a birthday today, the one from DH. Of course one has to celebrate with food.
And DS always takes advantage of this and had his usual, a Hamburger with all the trimmings, leave the cheese please!!

Where are the days of the kids menu?? Like any other kid he started out his "going out for food days" with sharing from our plate, sitting in the highchair and eyeing what the neighboring booth has on their plate. Then it went on to sitting next to us with a booster seat and a kids menu with a take-home-box for the not finished burger.
Before you know it the booster seat and the whole burger are gone, and now, he is to old for the kid's menu and orders of the regular menu.
And finishes of his whole plate without gaining an ounce! (jealous about that part)

While ordering he asks the waitress if she makes sure he has plenty of lettuce, pickles and tomatoes and unions on his burger. He is one kid that really loves his veggies.

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