Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cleaning and Organizing

The last week was filled with cleaning and organizing our walk in closets. We had boxes and bins full of stuff that was moved from the NL and through the different houses here and never unpacked or looked in. And then there is all kinds of other "stuff" one doesn't need but safes just because you think that maybe one day you could use it again. It just sits there for years and gathers dust.
So we opened all the boxes and went "treasure hunting down memory lane".
It took a few days but the closets are de-cluttered, there is actually room to walk now, and loads of old clothing and kids clothing went to Charity.

We celebrated the fourth with of course some of this, on the BBQ

And lots of this, with lots of friends, of course the fireworks where the highlight of the day. (especially for the boys, big and small)

The grey (say with a boring voice) socks were done in record time, four days and not even non-stop knitting. They are already worn and fit perfect.
On to the next pair, no pics yet because this is going to be a pair of socks of my own design, no pattern just using my brain (!)
And to top this post off, I give you DS with a collection of my childhood glasses. One of the treasures we found in the boxes. Of course he had to show them all at once.
He wears them in order of age, the last one I owned when I was about 17 or 18 years old.
The first one I think I might have been 6 or 7, so in a time span of 11 years there were three pair of glasses. Go figure!!
The first pair I got when I was age 2, did not fit DS.

If only I had in my possession the albums full of childhood pictures of me than I could match the glasses with age.
When the glasses emerged from the box they where housed in all that time and DS got a hold of them his comment was "geez, and they actually let you out of the house with THOSE on your nose?"

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