Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered why it is that if one does groceries, the line you are standing in is always the slowest one? Happens to me every-single-time.
Same with going to get gas for the car, always pick the wrong line, I swear next time we buy a car I want one with the gas tank opening on the other side.
It came to me when I took this picture of an old gas station the other day, we need cars with two openings for getting gas, one on each side!! So you can pick and choose.

On another note, my little nephew turns 3 in a few weeks, of course I am going to send him a card. (present to follow in a nice box) And what better card to send than one with sound in it.
I hope this one lasts as long as the other one did. He will love it, the sound of revving engines, non-stop. I only hope his parent will enjoy the sound too!!
And there will be a little niece in a few weeks too, I can't tell how nice it is to go to a store and look at little girl things, being surrounded by boys every single day.
There is pink yarn in the line up for another knit, I can't wait to cast on and knit another frilly pink thing.

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