Monday, July 27, 2009

a lotta beads.

There is this project that needs counting, a project that can only be done while alone. So I grab my counter (the stitch counter app for the ipod), coffee, and said project and sit outside with only the birds to talk to me. Oh, and every once in a while the black and white tiger wanders over, sits on my lap and purrs happily.

The shawl grew and grew, and got heavier and heavier with beads. Yesterday finally the shawl was done, and this morning it was soaked and blocked. It took me three months, 1602 beads (every single one hooked on, with a tiny crochet hook) and 880 yards of lace weight yarn on 3.25 mm needles.

Now I can say it is DONE!! And I love it, it is a very nice size. It screams nice dress, high heels, and party (keep on dreamn')
DS is more realistic, while he had to hold it up in order for me to try to take some pictures he commented that this was surely not intended to keep a person warm.

My helper was also critical about the amount of time I spend on knitting this.
"Imagine how many pairs of socks you could have knitted for me in that time".
There is still no picture of the whole shawl, my helper was in a hurry.
I dyed up some more lace weight yarn for my new "don't bother me" project.
Notes on that one to follow, but all I can say it is a pretty pinkish kind of a color.


Anonymous said...

Tante dorien,

kun je voor mij ook zo'n mooi vliegtuig breien met kraaltjes erop, dan ben ik net spiderman.

Groetjes Kylian

jayaycee said...

All I can say is "WOW!" You have the patience of a saint -- your shawl is incredible.