Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Never too old

We have been busy hosting some of DS friends, b-day parties and the usual chores.
The summer is going by way too fast.
Before we know it, we have to go back to school/work.

And of course before school starts I need to make some play food for my office, one is never too old to play with food! Besides it looks cute on my desk. They even look ready to eat next to my "real" cup of coffee.
I want to knit more because they are so cute! and addicting, and not fattening at all!!
Of course the men in this household think I am totally out of my mind to knit these, they want socks.

Besides cupcakes there are petite fours in the making.

And another baby knit is finished, it now has sleeves. Only thing missing are the buttons. I can't find any buttons that fit in my collection so it has to wait until I can drive down to MH and buy some.

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