Saturday, July 18, 2009


Again a very hot day today, luckily it cools down a bit at night. But still I can't sleep.
I hate that, fall asleep and then an hour later wide awake again, when the birds begin to chirp and the sun comes up then finally the sleep comes.

Went swimming this afternoon, a very nice way to cool off!! And some much needed exercise.

Also spend the morning sewing on buttons on this cardigan (it is the Helena pattern from Knitty)

And sewing on the lace portion, crocheting the borders and finishing off with cute buttons on the Baby Surprise Jacket

The yarn is very soft and it is cotton, so it can be washed in the machine.
There has to be some more baby knitting done, I am in love with those little projects that are done in no time.
But after three cardigans and a sweater, what else should could there be knitted???

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Anonymous said...

Nou een sjaal, wantjes en een muts die passen bij een rode (en dan bedoel ik echt brandweerrood) winter jas.

Groetje sAnita