Thursday, July 23, 2009


When we drove of with destination "Stanford", we surprised DS with a visit to one of his favorite "eats".
He likes Baja Fresh, and we don't have one in Garlic town. But if you take a little detour, of the path to Stanford, there just of Highway 280 on Stevens Creek is one. After a careful study of the Menu we all got something good.
For DS it was the steak taco's with rice and black beans, with Medium spicy salsa, and some chips of course. Where did the days go that he could not clean off his plate???
We are so thankful that we have a kid who loves all kinds of food. Vegetables, no problem, he even prefers dishes that come with veggies. A bit spicy? no problem either. And the older he gets we can even see his palette changes and he begins to order of the "adult" menu, instead of the kids. More than one time he has surprised a waiter with the request for "more salad or can I have some grilled bell pepper with that?"

After our bellies were full, we drove to one of our favorite places.

Or otherwise known as "the place with the bookstore". DH again was on the hunt for books with formulas. And book worms as we are, the three of us are happy strolling along rows and rows of books.

Walking around on the campus is always a treat, taking pictures, sitting in the shade watching the people go by.

And going to the top of Hoover tower.

It was nice and cool on top, and lots to see too.

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Anonymous said...

Heerlijk he een kind dat gewoon alles eet, hier ook hoor, groente geen probleem, aardappelen lekker en dan vlees mjammie.
Geen gezeik met kale macaroni, ik kan er gewoon alles door heen mikken.
En dan de gezichten van de serveersters als ze hem vertellen dat hij ook patat met frikandel kan krijgen en meneertje verkondigd liever een schnitzel te hebben met gebakken aardappeltjes (hihihihihii)

Groetjes Anita