Friday, July 03, 2009

Stripey legs

Done!! a few days behind schedule, just because my body decided to throw me a curve ball and gave me a nice cold. I have sneezed more in one week than for a whole year, sniffled trough more than enough tissues and spend a day and a half in bed just sleeping. Not to mention the thing I hate most, the sore throat followed by the dreaded cough.

So yesterday afternoon there were only a few more rows to knit on my knee highs and just before the knitting gang met up they were done!
That way I could start a new baby knitting project. Something red and very cute.

This morning it was grocery time, and because of the 4th weekend the whole town had to do groceries at the same time. No need for me to go into another rant about other peoples shopping habits, they don't hear me anyway.
Once back home there were more chores and then finally time to knit, DH announced he needs a pair of socks he can wear with a suit. He hates the store bought ones that we have for "suit-occasions" , so after some searching in the sock yarn bin, I came up with the "Gray" (pronounced in a really boring voice)
So armed with needles and "Gray" (boring voice again) yarn and with the help of Ravelry a simple pattern was found and the knitting was started. The feel of the yarn is lovely because it is Alpaca.
Tomorrow we celebrate that 233 years ago that the Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence.
We have fireworks to set off and some bbq-ing to do!

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