Sunday, August 23, 2009

about signs and mustaches and medals

Weekend is almost over, got some great knitting done. Last week after a doctors visit because of his cough and sore throat, DS really wanted a hat with the bio hazard sign. His swab for strep throat started all this.
The doc. put it in a baggie with this sign on it, and he could drop it off at the lab himself. He loved it. Lucky for him it turned out not to be strep, and he got medicine for his cough.

Of after some research we found a chart for a bio hazard sign with the right colors and this mother started knitting. It is going to take a while, because I decided to double knit this one, so he can wear it at two sides.

DS loves it so far, and lucky for me it is not cold enough outside yet to wear it. And while knitting in the garden my regular visitor came to hang out with me. She also loves the wool, only the 100 percent wool that is. I think it is the smell, she does not want to play with it, but only sniff it.

Talking about sniffing, yesterday evening I really needed something funny to knit, the boys were watching "War of the Worlds", lets just say it is not my kind of movie. While I almost peed my pants laughing they really could not see the humor for my little mustache

Almost forgot, on Friday night I also made a little medal, for a certain little boy in the Netherlands who is almost a big brother.

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anita said...

Jan en ik zien de humor van jou snor wel in whahahaahahahahahah.

De medaille voor Kylian is erg leuk en de muts voor Tycho erg knap.

Groetjes Anita