Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to school

We are back in school, for me it was a whole week, for DS it started Thursday. We all got up very early on Thursday, mainly because I wanted to be at school before the "parents-bring-their-kids-and-park-anywhere" mad dash began.
One has to believe and see how bad traffic gets the first few days of school. There is absolutely no where to park, even not in the designated areas for personnel.
It is a crazy thing, and a miracle nothing happened so far. Only thing worth mentioning was the parent who tried to drive their child to school over the FOOT bridge. yeah, enough said.
Pick up can be a challenge too, take for example the person who parked their car in front of the driveway for the pickup, as a result the pick up lane was blocked. What to do, well HONK your horn of course, not once, not twice (lost honking count quickly) but repeatedly.

Of course I had to take a pic of a "reluctant" child on his first school day, he is a middle schooler now, and they do not volunteer for pictures anymore. When I picked them up on Friday he was "hanging with his friends". Can you imagine that two months ago he was worried that there was no playground at his new school??

The week came and went very quickly and finally today I finished the Ulmus shawl. it reminds of Sunflowers and Fall, now I can't wait until it is cold enough to wear it.

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Anonymous said...

your ulmus shawl is a beauty !!
m.a.w. wat is hij mooi geworden