Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to......

Picture this, a pair of socks is finished, and one needs to show them of on Ravelry (and blog) BEFORE DH gets a hold of them.
Nobody around willing to put said socks on in order for me to take the photographs. Son is doing his daily reading, and is all of a sudden very interested in the book.
You are stuck to doing it yourself.

Of course I could wait, or ask a neighbor. But no, I have to do it NOW.
Here is the result, no comment on how the picture was taken or what position I had to be in to show of the nice stranded sides and soles.

I really liked doing these socks (proof that they were finished within a week) and am thinking of doing another pair. DS is requesting a pair with skulls or computer gaming symbols, have to think about that for a while and get out pencils and graph paper.

DS is getting excited to start school again, and so am I.
And I am really looking forward to the fall, and Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas.....

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anita said...

Waarom moet ik bij deze sokken meteen aan thanksgiving denken???????

Maar toch leuk om te bedenken welke houding je je geworsteld hebt om je sokken er goed op te krijgen.

Groetjes Anita