Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A new Tiger in the backyard.

We have a new Tiger in the back yard, no kiddin' .
DS has named this (cutie) kitty "Tiger", here he is hanging out on the fence keeping an eye out for the birds.
But he is too nice to eat them, he warns them if the Black and white Tiger is on the prowl.

It was a slow day today, the only thing accomplished was the cleaning of the green car, it got new breaks on Sunday and was hard overdue for a big cleaning, inside and out. DS and I started very early, while it was still cool outside. He is a good help, and after about an hour the car was clean.

After lunch while DS was playing his x-box, I started a new project.
Just simply could not resist any longer, I have been looking at all the different Ulmus shawls for a long time now.
And this combination has been talking to me for a while too. Perfect for the Fall.
It is a very easy slip stitch pattern, so easy I had to Tink back a few times. Clearly counting to four is very difficult.

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anita said...

Echt leuke kleurtjes zeg en ook echt herfst.

Groetjes Anita