Monday, August 03, 2009

Red nose

We wanted to go for a drive and then have lunch somewhere at the beach, this is were we ended up. We ate lunch first, across the street, and then hit the rides.
For the first time DS went alone on some of the rides, and all I can say it is even more scarier to watch your child go on the ride and worrying if everything goes OK, than actually sitting next to him.
Every time he got the instructions to "hold on". DH even asked a girl that was checking the closures of the shot thingy, if she was sure it was close and safe.

It was close and he went up, very high while we watched him go.

DH and I both have a little sunburn, his neck and my nose are nice and red. Amazingly DS has none.
Tomorrow a total different day, work, chores, laundry and some school shopping are on our schedule.

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anita said...

brrrrrrr dat hij daar in durft zeg, ik doe het hem niet na.

Groetjes Anita