Tuesday, August 04, 2009


OK, just a few more pictures, just for the fun of it. Can't help it but making pictures of signs is so much fun.
We had lunch in this place, and it is very assuring that in a case of fire, one knows that this is NOT an exit!!
scary, yeah I know.

And where ever we go, Gilroy Garlic keeps following us.

And as most of my friends know, I love colors, lots of it.

Hot Dawg, I love color!!!

Only I don't know if this is a name of choice for a place that sells sausages (just sayin')

Of course we did not walk here, we took the walkway, just like the sign tells you to.

And because I can't go to the sock summit and want to do something with socks this weekend so I can be there in spirit with most of my knitting friends, a new pair of socks was started. My own pattern. All that can be said so far it has fair isle and cables.........

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anita said...

Tante Dorien ik wil wel nieuwe schoenen hebben (ik heb nu maatje 26).
Of een echte amerikaanse brandweerauto.
Of een stoere trui (ik heb nu maatje 104)

Groetjes Kylian