Sunday, September 27, 2009


My little (ahum) boy was sick last week, and with the fever coming and going a visit to the doctor was in order. To our surprise DS had an ear infection and he never complained about his ears, at all. I so feel for him, being sick is no fun and he felt really tired the last week. But at the end of the week he got his energy back.

Although officially it is Fall, the weather here tells us otherwise and with this hot weather I only want it to be winter more. Please Mr. Weather man let it cool down, a lot!

Of course I had to start a new pair of knee highs, this time with beads, they are called "Afternoon Delight", the pattern wants me to put beads on my feet also, but who wants to wear socks with beads on the feet in their shoes?? So I opted to put beads only on the legs.

A few weeks ago I cast on for the Vine yoke cardigan, lovely pattern, the whole thing is knit in one piece with short rows on the neckline. Love it, and it is half way done, but again, it is to hot to knit a garment that is growing and covers my lap. (another plea goes out to the weather man)

Saturday Knitterlines and I went on a field trip to Green planet yarns, a wonderful store in Campbell.
Of course my stash grew on Saturday, and because it is known that people will explode if they don't cast on a new project when they want to, this girl had to start the pair I had in mind when I bought the yarn.
Did not turn out so well, see for a pair of socks they have to fit fairly snug around your legs in order to keep them up. These where going to be knee highs so I kept knitting.
Yeah, just don't start laughing but these will fit an Elephant going on a skiing trip in the Alps.
Back to the drawing board, because this yarn is going to be a pair of knee highs (that fit)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spirit week

It was Spirit week at DS school, starting off with "not matching clothing day". For once I did not have to tell him what to wear and let him pick his own clothes, success guaranteed!
The next day was named "Steve Urkel day" and look, an instant "geek" was born. We could not find the suspenders, but I have to say with his dads favorite tie he looks smashing.
Next day was Pyjama day, when he came home my little boy had a fever and was not feeling well at all.
He had to stay home for the last day of spirit week, and spend the day on the couch watching TV.
Today he felt a bit better, thanks to the Tylenol. Hopefully tomorrow he will be fever free.

But why does this always happen when one is really, really busy at work, dead lines to meet and work to finish up?
To top it off this morning I had to do some groceries and the first thing on the list: Toilet paper, only one roll left in the whole house on Friday night.
I did manage to finish one fingerless mitten I was working on, love the result, the colors look much better in real life, the second one goes on the needles this week. Not that the weather is already cold enough to wear them. Nope, it is still way to hot outside (when does it stop?) with another heatwave starting tomorrow.
Only thing I want is to have rain and cold weather, please, please Mr. Weatherman let it be colder.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Now how on earth does this stay in place while driving???
Just thought I would share this, it made me laugh.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ylio the Alien

DS had two birthday parties to go to this weekend. Starting Friday afternoon with the dance at school with afterwards a b-day party from one of his friends. The fingerless mittens were a hit, and finished by the skin of my teeth on Thursday night.
After a whole afternoon and night of partying, it was time for the other party on Saturday afternoon this time followed by a sleepover.
No need to say that this morning when we picked DS up, he was a "little" tired (his words) and he agreed with no complains or discussion to a bedtime of 8.30 pm.

The men in the household spend the afternoon reading and watching TV, while I made this cute little alien, who I named Ylio. It is a free pattern in the new Knitty.
Our new house guest likes to hang out by the bedside reading of DH, and there is were I found him late in the afternoon.

He looks really happy there, trying to find a book to read

And after a while he fell asleep while reading, can't blame the little fellow.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Time flies

Time flies when you are really busy. Work turned out to be crazy, with testing going on and me going around to different sites. Not to mention it was (again) hot last week, by the time I come home all the joints in my body hurt.

We went to the Back to School nigh at DS school, and of course there are the dreaded groceries to do. Did I ever mention I do not like doing groceries (think I did). Lucky for me DS came along and he is a big help.

There was a tiny tragedy over the weekend, one of our beta fish died. Poor little fella, we like our beta's they watch our every move when we are in the kitchen. And where very happy flaring at each other whenever one saw the other one swim by in their own glass bowls. After two days of "Curt" (or was it "Keith"?) being all alone, DS and I headed over to the pet store to get another one. DS choose two little goldfish, who are now living with us on the kitchen Island. Meet "Portabella" and "Mushroom".
Don't ask, if it was up to me it would be "Petunia" and "Dorothea".

There is some B-day knitting going on, DS is invited to a party and what to give a girl??? Panic, he never gets girls presents that is his mom's department. But this girl likes something knitted. If I could make something? the party is this Friday. I did not knit one single stitch during the last week, and with another heatwave coming next week there is no time to loose. One fingerless mitten done, cast on for the other one this afternoon, lucky we did have today off. The pattern is called "Sourwood Mountain" and can be found here

Sock knitting continues too, a pair out of the STR heavyweight Rare gem that I scored at Stitched West last February.

And finally, here is a picture of our super cute little niece Kinley, just wish I could hold her and feed her a little bottle and cuddle with her. I have to count on her big brother to do that for me!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Fuplers

Don't do what the internet people do!!