Sunday, September 27, 2009


My little (ahum) boy was sick last week, and with the fever coming and going a visit to the doctor was in order. To our surprise DS had an ear infection and he never complained about his ears, at all. I so feel for him, being sick is no fun and he felt really tired the last week. But at the end of the week he got his energy back.

Although officially it is Fall, the weather here tells us otherwise and with this hot weather I only want it to be winter more. Please Mr. Weather man let it cool down, a lot!

Of course I had to start a new pair of knee highs, this time with beads, they are called "Afternoon Delight", the pattern wants me to put beads on my feet also, but who wants to wear socks with beads on the feet in their shoes?? So I opted to put beads only on the legs.

A few weeks ago I cast on for the Vine yoke cardigan, lovely pattern, the whole thing is knit in one piece with short rows on the neckline. Love it, and it is half way done, but again, it is to hot to knit a garment that is growing and covers my lap. (another plea goes out to the weather man)

Saturday Knitterlines and I went on a field trip to Green planet yarns, a wonderful store in Campbell.
Of course my stash grew on Saturday, and because it is known that people will explode if they don't cast on a new project when they want to, this girl had to start the pair I had in mind when I bought the yarn.
Did not turn out so well, see for a pair of socks they have to fit fairly snug around your legs in order to keep them up. These where going to be knee highs so I kept knitting.
Yeah, just don't start laughing but these will fit an Elephant going on a skiing trip in the Alps.
Back to the drawing board, because this yarn is going to be a pair of knee highs (that fit)

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Anonymous said...

whahahahahahahha leuke sokken, misschien een jarretelletje bij breien dan maar.

Arme Tycho, oorontstekingen zijn niet leuk (ook al heb ik ze nog nooit gehad)

Groetjes Anita