Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spirit week

It was Spirit week at DS school, starting off with "not matching clothing day". For once I did not have to tell him what to wear and let him pick his own clothes, success guaranteed!
The next day was named "Steve Urkel day" and look, an instant "geek" was born. We could not find the suspenders, but I have to say with his dads favorite tie he looks smashing.
Next day was Pyjama day, when he came home my little boy had a fever and was not feeling well at all.
He had to stay home for the last day of spirit week, and spend the day on the couch watching TV.
Today he felt a bit better, thanks to the Tylenol. Hopefully tomorrow he will be fever free.

But why does this always happen when one is really, really busy at work, dead lines to meet and work to finish up?
To top it off this morning I had to do some groceries and the first thing on the list: Toilet paper, only one roll left in the whole house on Friday night.
I did manage to finish one fingerless mitten I was working on, love the result, the colors look much better in real life, the second one goes on the needles this week. Not that the weather is already cold enough to wear them. Nope, it is still way to hot outside (when does it stop?) with another heatwave starting tomorrow.
Only thing I want is to have rain and cold weather, please, please Mr. Weatherman let it be colder.

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Renee said...

Spirit days are always fun.

Great looking mitt!