Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ylio the Alien

DS had two birthday parties to go to this weekend. Starting Friday afternoon with the dance at school with afterwards a b-day party from one of his friends. The fingerless mittens were a hit, and finished by the skin of my teeth on Thursday night.
After a whole afternoon and night of partying, it was time for the other party on Saturday afternoon this time followed by a sleepover.
No need to say that this morning when we picked DS up, he was a "little" tired (his words) and he agreed with no complains or discussion to a bedtime of 8.30 pm.

The men in the household spend the afternoon reading and watching TV, while I made this cute little alien, who I named Ylio. It is a free pattern in the new Knitty.
Our new house guest likes to hang out by the bedside reading of DH, and there is were I found him late in the afternoon.

He looks really happy there, trying to find a book to read

And after a while he fell asleep while reading, can't blame the little fellow.

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anita said...

Ben benieuwd wanneer je de eerste toy van je nieuwe boek klaar hebt (hihihihihi).

Groetjes Anita