Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall weather

Finally we have some nice fall weather, nice and cool in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon. And the weatherman (or woman) promises us some rain in the next week. We really could use some rain.
Work is crazy as usual, but I did find time to knit four more cupcakes during the week. Sorry, there are only three in this picture, one made its way to a teacher from my school. I started giving them instead of birthday cards, and they are a BIG hit.

And with those sunny nice days, we went out for some coffee and DS loves a good bagel with cream cheese.
after the coffee we took the long way home, it is such a nice view from the hills into the valley.

We also tackled DS bedroom today, old toys out for goodwill, bagging up some clothes that don't fit anymore and doing some vacuuming and cleaning. Now he has a sparkling, no toys, almost grown up room.
Mom happy, he happy. Now if I only could make him wash his own clothes and clean his own bathroom.

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