Saturday, October 03, 2009


With another busy week behind us, and a whole day of cleaning. Well almost a whole day, this afternoon was spend by me making some more cards for Halloween. The weather finally cooled down to a very nice temperature, not to cold and not to hot, DH does not agree and already thinks it is way to cold.
I had to take a picture of the moon this evening, we need the hour change to go in sooner instead of three weeks later. I for one love the winter months and the darker afternoons.

DS spend his afternoon playing games, and went out for an ice cream run with DH, when they came home they treated me to a Starbucks (gotta love the boys)

And look, Chickwithsticks brought us some white chocolate milk that turned a purple/blue color and had a berry flavor.

The picture does not show the color of the milk really well, but believe me it was ppppurple!!


Renee said...

What a great picture of the moon!
It doesn't feel right to have the clocks change after Halloween, should be before like it used to be. It's too dark in the mornings before it changes too.

Anonymous said...

Wat is dat nou wij zetten op 25 oktober de klok al een uur achteruit en jullie pas na de 31ste.
Dat kan toch niet normaal zijn jullie altijd een weekje of wat eerder.

En eeeeeeh paarse chocomel, jij houdt toch helemaal niet van paarst.

Groetjes anita