Monday, October 26, 2009

Wildlife and more

A few more pictures from my weekend away,
The little girl fountain in front of our house An interior shot, hmmm do I see yarn???? and pattern books hauled in a suitcase fitted to hold enough clothing for a three week vacation.

Wild life

And lots of nature shots

And the dining room, in the wonderful building all build out of "green" materials.

It's Monday and in a few days it is Halloween, can't wait to get the tricksters to the door. So funny if there are kids from my school coming to our door, I open it and they are so surprised that I don't live at school but actually in a home!!


Anonymous said...

hihihi mooi makkelijk hoef je je ook niet te verkleden want ze zijn dan al verrast.

Maar eeeeh sinds wanneer woon jij niet meer op school.

Groetjes Anita

CoasterMeg said...

Love the shots, all of them, even the 3-week-vacation suitcase!