Monday, November 02, 2009

All Decked out

Saturday was Halloween, and our neighbors went all out with the decoration. Gotta love a good grave site complete with werewolf and skull window decals, smoke and orange lights. Not to mention the bell ringing slash scary sounds playing in the back ground.

DS went out with DH while I kept guard at the front door and the trick or treaters, and of course chatting with all the people coming by. We ran out of candy and after a quick look in the pantry DH's humongous bag of pretzels was soon divided into little baggies.
When the boys came back there again was enough candy to last us a year. We are not that big on candy, chocolate goes first and the rest usually sits until it has to be thrown out.
At work today there was again plenty sweets to eat, and smart cookie as I am (ha) I avoided the teachers lounge, there was a big platter of cookies smiling at me every time I turned the corner in the hallway. I am proud to say that only one made it into my stomach!!

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anita said...

Zo dus niemand heeft zich misselijk gegeten.
Van mij mogen ze dit ook wel in nederland gaan vieren, lijkt me helemaal fantastisch voor de kids.

ach ja in plaats daarvan mag Kylian de 18de naar de speeltuin om een lampion te maken.
En dan 's avonds mag hij met papa meelopen in de optocht door de wijk.

Groetjes Anita