Saturday, November 28, 2009

in the name of Science

The boys did a little science experiment today, but not before dear mom was send to the grocery store with only three things on her list: Diet coke, Mentos and fresh bread. The last item on my list was intended for the lunch directly followed by the experiment with the newly acquired gadget especially made to make a big mess.
Of course said experiment was set up outside.

Fill gadget tube with Mentos, make sure string is attached to pin.

Pull the string to let the candy go, Run and duck for cover and make sure you watch!

It gives a whole new meaning to a "soda fountain"

and it is the quickest way to empty a bottle of Pepsi (not our brand of choice, we like the Coca-cola brand better)

We saved another rol of candy and a bottle of soda for tomorrow.

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CoasterMeg said...

We LOVE making Mentos fountains!! Such fun!!