Friday, November 27, 2009

My kind of Weather

Today it was my kind of weather, I just love the rain and stormy days. Ooops, minus the storm, it was just a little windy. We decided to dodge the shopping crowd and take a trip to the beach instead. Lovely, lovely weather on the ride down.

We stopped to have hot chocolate or hot vanilla milk. Look no shoppers!! no pushing, no shoving, no crabby people.

Just the sea, and the waves.

Oh, and we tried to take some pictures with DS in it, not an easy task anymore.
Our little goofball is getting tall, look at it almost as tall as his mother.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, in die tweede foto van jullie zijn jullie net twee druppels water, wat ontzettend gaaf zeg.

Groetjes Anita

CoasterMeg said...

Yup; second photo, no denying it... he's your son! Be careful... he'll be towering over both you any day now...